Sunday, June 04, 2023

A Tidal Wave Is Building. Just Look at the Black Vote

CALLER:  Thank you very much.  Great show today, and I just wanted to comment about the congresswoman from Michigan who made her comments over the weekend about, you know, they’re not being support for impeachment and how quickly that got “corrected.”  I think the bigger picture here — and I think this is what Pelosi is seeing, and a lot of that goes to your last conversation with the caller. Impeachment is DOA, and I think Trump’s reelection is as certain as anything can be at this point, and she knows that.

So she’s playing a much bigger game, specifically with this congresswoman.  An African-American congresswoman representing an African-American district who says there’s not support for impeachment does nothing but support the polls of growing African-American support for Trump — and that has to be killed immediately.
If you get a congresswoman from a moderate, some swing district outside of Philadelphia who says, “You know, we don’t have support for impeachment,” politically, that can stand.  But if you get an African-American congressperson from an African-American district saying we don’t have support for impeachment, that is a completely… That’s a game-changer in electoral politics, and Pelosi knows it.

RUSH: I have to tell you that’s exactly right.  In fact, I can tell you from the tone of your voice you know how crucially important it is, and I just want to amplify. Of all the things that I’m seeing, the polling data that I’ve cited, African-American approval for Trump in two different polls, 34%, 34.5%… You’ve got Democrats out saying, “That’s not true.  That can’t be true.  There’s no way.  Zip, zero, nada.”

Then you have Brenda Lawrence, John Conyers’ district, eastern Detroit, coming out, African-American, African-American district, “I don’t think we ought to be impeaching.”  The one thing the Democrats cannot stand… All the rest of this stuff is piddly winks if they lose African-Americans’ votes.  If Trump succeeds in pulling just 10 to 15% of the African-American vote, they’re toast, and it doesn’t matter.  Nothing else matters.