Sunday, July 21, 2024


About MAGA Black

MAGA Black was started by two black conservatives, James Golden and Autry Pruitt.  The concept was NOT to build a destination solely for black conservatives or to solely promote black conservatism, but to be a destination for ALL conservatives.

Frankly, we founded this destination out of frustration. We are fed up with the racial narratives that the left uses to paint conservatives as bigots and racists, simply because we have a different view of public policy and politics. For decades, the Left has played the race card and slandered conservatives as ‘racist’ along with anyone who disagrees with their ideology. Many of those false narratives have gone unchallenged, or are weakly defended in the media. And it happens every election year like clockwork.

We are committed to changing that. We are committed to fighting back in the arena of ideas and in communities that have been ignored or underserved by those who don’t believe change is necessary or achievable.

So - what does “black conservatism” mean?

Like every other American conservative, black conservatives believe America is the greatest nation in history and we must ensure that greatness is passed on to future generations.
Like every other conservative American, black conservatives believe America’s best days are ahead of us. We can become an even greater nation.
Like every other conservative American, black conservatives believe being an American is a blessing, a privilege and with it comes responsibilities.
Like every other conservative American, black conservatives believe the American dream offers a light of hope to the world. And we want that light to continue to shine brightly.

Like every other conservative American, black conservatives understand this is OUR country. Our unique history gives us the right to fully exercise and appreciate our freedoms. And to make excuses to no one.

We have been in America since this country was imagined and before it was founded. We are Americans first. We are stakeholders in America and this is the land of our ancestors. Their blood, sweat and tears are part of the soil and fabric of this nation. We have earned the right to call America our home, to take pride in being American, and to have a full voice in shaping the direction of this great land, without being called ‘Uncle Toms’ or other divisive and slanderous names.

MAGA Black Goals
  That is why we are MAGA Black.

Our People
James Golden, Founder
Better known by the pseudonym "Bo Snerdley,” Mr. Golden has been the confidant and senior-executive producer for the Rush Limbaugh program for 20+ years. In addition to hosting his show (during the late 90s) on the largest radio station in the nation (WABC New York), he has served as VP of Programming for WWRL and has been the featured guest and speaker at many events around the country.  Golden, an African American, has pushed the boundaries of success as a radio pundit and online commentator.  

Autry J. Pruitt, President
As a first class-commentator, Autry grew an internet radio-program started in his living room from 10 to 1.5 million listeners in just three years.  Autry has been inspiring African Americans to abandon the Democrat Party and vote for liberty-minded candidates since 2006. He has delivered well over 200 key-note speeches, written over 175 articles and mini-white papers, he is the Author of the book Planes, Steak & Water: Defending Donald J. Trump. Autry was an original public supporter of the President and the first radio host in Texas, possibly the country, to give President Trump his full-throated support.

The Honorable Ken Blackwell, Senior Advisor
Mr. Blackwell is the former Secretary of State of Ohio and serves on the Board of Directors of various high-profile organizations including the Timothy Plan, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, the United States Air Force Academy Foundation, the Club for Growth, Grove City College, the National Rifle Association, the First Liberty Institute, the National World War II Museum, and the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Board of Advisors, of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA).